The Popsicle® brand is an American Classic created by accident!
In 1905, 11-year-old Frank Epperson left a mixture of powdered soda, water, and a stirring stick in a cup on his porch. It was a cold night in Nebraska, and Epperson awoke the next morning to find a frozen pop. He called it the "Epsicle." The rest is history. All popsicle brands are distributed worldwide in grocery and convenience stores.

Disciplines include: Design, logo design, 3-D rendering, illustration, and print production. 
Unilever has multiple classic brands within the category of ice cream. MAGNUM® has been on the market since 1989. Launched in Europe it was the first hand held ice cream targeted to adults. Cornetto® is the first waffle cone frozen ice cream brand. And Gino Ginelli® is Ola's premium tub brand ice cream.
The umbrella mark for all of Unilever's ice cream products is the "heart".

Disciplines include: Design, logo design, photography, 3-D rendering, illustration, and print production. 
Riley's Organic Brand of premium quality dog snacks has created a new organic Jerky flavored recipe treat. The new product line is distributed in pet stores nationwide. Shown here are the original design proposals, including some of the product benefits devices used on the packaging. 

Disciplines include: Design, photography, retouching. logo design, illustration, and print production. 
The OLA brand offers Solero. as a Popsicle style frozen treat. The combination of flavors are very popular to kids, and comes in various formats. First marketed in South Africa, Solero products can be found in The U.S.A and Canada under the Good Humor® brand name, well known as one of the first neighborhood ice cream trucks.
Beats by Dr. Dre product line supports a current testimonial campaign featuring well known sports figures using their sound products. The campaign has a tag line "BE HEARD". The key visual of the campaign is a composition of enthusiastic super hero style sports legends. The packaging shown here was designed specifically for this campaign. This work was done in cooperation with IPG Network, HUSTLE and the Anomaly Agency, located in Los Angeles.
Disciplines include: Industrial design, 3-D rendering, typography, and print production
Cape Sparkling drinks are produced in Cape Town, South Africa with a recipe of natural ingredients. The main ingredient being Rooibos Tea. Blends include peach & lychee, pineapple & passionfruit and cherry & Acaî.

Shown here are two of the flavor combinations. 
Disciplines include: Graphic design, package design development, and print production. 
Behr Paints are sold exclusively at the Home Depot stores nationwide. Originally founded in 1947 by Otto Behr, in Pasadena, California the company is now owned by the Masco Corporation. 

Shown here is the refreshed product branding and packaging application. Disciplines include: Design, photography, retouching and print production.  
Home Decorators Collection is Home Depot's main proprietary brand with products ranging from home decor to lighting to ceiling fans, window blinds, living room furniture, bedroom furniture and home patio furniture.

Shown here is the original brand logo, designed in 2012. This brand became the Home Depot house brand.
Disciplines include:
Design, type solution development, typography, color analysis, packaging development 

Packaging development disciplines include:
Design, photography, set building, typography, packaging & production
Sunbeam, now owned by Newell Brands is an American brand producing electric home appliances.

Shown here is the current steam iron packaging.  Disciplines include: Design, photography, retouching. logo design, 3-D rendering, illustration, and print production.  
Mr. Coffee, is an American classic brand producing electric coffee & tea appliances.

Shown here is the current drip coffee packaging. Mr. Coffee products are sold worldwide in 13 countries.
Disciplines include: Design, photography, retouching. logo design, illustration, and print production.  
Samuele Sebastiani immigrated from the Tuscany region of Italy to Sonoma, California in 1895. The winery was the only one in the United States to continue operations through Prohibition, making a small amount of sacramental and medicinal wines for the Catholic church. Shown below is the refreshed Sebastiani brand logo, the Heritage Series packaging and lifestyle imagery of events, tastings and the winery. Shown here is the heritage label design.
Rivulet is a unique artisan Pecan Liqueur. C88 out of Louisville, Kentucky has created a very unique proprietary recipe using an aged brandy using the extract delicate flavor of roasted hickory pecans.

Shown here is the original bottle packaging designs. And the final development of design.
Disciplines include: Design, logo design, typography, illustration, and print production

Rain vodka is a top-shelf premium vodka. Seven times distilled and gluten free. The distinctive flute bottle design is capped with color coded glass/cork tops. There are three flavors - Classic, Mango and Cucumber. 
Shown here is the original Rain vodka brand logo, packaging product imagery and consumer advertising. 
Disciplines include: Design, logo design, typography, illustration, and print production

Monkey in Paradise is a vodka founded in West Palm Beach, Florida. The original concept came from late night cocktail bars using little plastic monkeys placed on cocktails to help initiate conversation between patrons.
Shown here are three design proposals and the newly updated packaging. 
Disciplines include: Design, logo design, 3-D rendering, typography, illustration, and print production

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