Office Depot, headquartered in Boca Raton, Fl, has many proprietary brands with products that are manufactured in the USA. 
The TUL® brand of writing instruments. WorkPro®, and RealSpace® are their private brands of office furniture solutions. Mode® products are personal organizer notebooks and Brenton® offers general office necessities. Shown here are some elements of those brands - brand logos, lifestyle imagery, style mood boards, launch trade ads, packaging and special Holiday point-of-sale displays.
TUL® Brand style mood board.
TUL® launch trade ad
TUL® retail point-of-sale display 
The Workpro® brand offers professional furniture for small office environments. Shown here is the original brand logo and Brand Style Moodboard.
WORKPRO® launch trade ad
Shown here is an Office Depot® proprietary brands ad that was placed in trade publications.
The DIVOGA® Office Depot brand is a line of basic office supplies and customized items such as file folders, binders and stylish office furniture. Shown here is the original style moldboard, and some of the products showcased in custom holiday point-of-sale displays. Displays were printed and distributed to all Office Depot stores.
Divoga® Brand style mood board.
Divogoga's holiday season point-of-sale display is a 3-dimensional, custom designed template. The cardboard cut-out display was distributed to all Office Depot® stores, nationwide.
ATIVA Brand mobile accessories product display rendering

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