In 1879 Rudolphe Lindt revolutionized the chocolate making process by blending high quality cocoa butter with cocoa beans and roasting them to perfection. Shown below are photographic images for the "Lindt Chocolate Chef" campaign, photographed on site at the Lindt chocolate kitchens in Switzerland. The campaign includes online banners, websites, outdoor billboards, packaging, point-of-sale, and direct mail.

Disciplines include: Design, photography, styling, retouching. web design, digital and print production. 
LINDT "Chocolate Excellence" Campaign Imagery used in Print and Digital
LINDT Online Digital Banners. Design, photography, retouching and composition.
Headline translation: "With 5 senses of enjoyment"
Headline translation: "Unending melting delicacies"
Headline translation: "Pure chocolate enjoyment"
Lindt Chocolate Museum Landing page design.

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