A brand is a perceived corporate image as a whole, a visual representation of how the brand communicates visually. And, the logo design is part of the brand identity. The logo design identifies the business, or product, in its simplest form using a mark, typographic solution, or combination of both. The logo design can build trust and recognition with the audience and customer. That's the goal of a good logo design.
Below, you will see a wide range of concepts, styles, illustration, typography and color palettes. Each logo is unique unto itself.
      Mi Nismo Andeli - Avala Film Company - Federal Republic Yugoslavia                             Wood Park Zoo - Seattle, Washington
       Help I'm A Fish - Nordisk Film Company - Munich, Germany                                                Florida Realtors Association - Orlando, Florida                                
                  KUAF Public Radio Affiliate - Fayetteville, Arkansas                                                        Touchstone Development - Seattle, Washington
                           BELAZU Brand - Olive Oil - United Kingdom                                                       Paint Pros - Painters - Eureka Springs, Arkansas
               National Geographic EXPLORER Brand - Washington, D.C.                                   Home Decorators Collection - Home Depot Brand
                      TaylorMade #1 Driver - Golf - Basingstoke, UK                                                       Margaritaville Oster Blender - Newell Brands
                                Mr. Coffee Brand - Newell Brands                                                             Peace Valley Pie Company - Greenacres, FL
                PYRAMID Music Productions - Bielefeld, Germany                                                   WORKPRO Brand - Office Depot - Boca Raton, FL
                        FAIRWINDS Resort Community - BC Canada                                                   Cafe Italia Restaurant - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
                    LIVE WELL Assisted Living Products - Logan, Utah                                                         RAIN Vodka Brand - Sazerac - Kentucky
                     Ground & Griddled Restaurant - Greenacres, FL                                                   Sandhill Tree Farm - Bellevue, Washington
           Millstead Brand Flooring - Packaging Devise - Home Depot                                             Millstead Brand Flooring Logo - Home Depot
                          Center of Excellence - Jarden Brands - Boca Raton, FL                                                   Learning Sciences International - West Palm Beach, FL
                   Roller Coaster Tycoon Product Brand Logo - Bielefeld, Germany                             Richmond International Airport Logo Refresh - Richmond, VA
                  GamePlay Arcade Store Brand - Walmart - Bentonville, AR                                                  InGenius Brand - Stander Company - Logan, UT 
WaxWrap BeesWax Food Storage System, Brand Logo Design Proposals  - Ventura, CA

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